Wings of Shadow is LIVE!

Early Friday morning, Wings of Shadow went live.  I was so excited to release the magic of The Underground Trilogy into the larger world, and hope that people are as captivated by reading it as I was when writing it.  There is a scene early in my novel where Meghan is looking out over the Thames to Tower Bridge…

she became aware of the sloshing water, the briny smell, and the ship horns sounding in the distance. 

The reality of being in a different country slowly sets in, and she realizes she has actually made it…

The bridge in the distance was aglow, and the city skyline’s lights brightened the night. She had arrived. She was finally in London.

I cannot find a better way to describe how I am feeling.  I have finally arrived.  I have taken this author-dream and transformed it into an actual YA fantasy novel.  I cannot wait to share my novel with you. 


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