Happy Indiependence!

This week, dozens of indie authors are celebrating their freedom to take charge of their own craft by honoring another indie writer.  I am excited to be able to participate in this Indiependence Day event, and thought for a long time about which author I would select.

I wanted to choose a novel which would appeal to readers of Wings of Shadow.  Over the course of this first month published, I have noticed one novel appearing near Wings of Shadow again and again.  It often popped up on Amazon, as a book my readers also purchased, was published about the same time as my novel, and best of all, featured faeries.  After reading it, I was even more convinced that it was the perfect novel to feature.  I hope you enjoy my review of On Fallen Wings, by Jamie McHenry.

On Fallen Wings is a YA fantasy that takes place in the cozy village of Aisling.  It tells Rhiannon’s tale, which is a bittersweet journey exploring friendship, romance, mystery, and tragedy.  The faerie lore is well-developed, and Jamie McHenry puts a unique twist on typical faerie mythology. The characters are richly portrayed, and McHenry’s writing is thick with emotion.  I found myself cheering for some characters, intrigued by others, and brought close to tears at times.

As a parent, I appreciated that McHenry’s novel is written for even the youngest YA readers.  Yet, with its sweet romances, daring adventures, and rich lore, it will appeal to adults as well.  If you enjoyed Wings of Shadow, I highly recommend reading On Fallen Wings.  I will definitely be looking for the sequel.



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