The Faeries are Coming!

inspiration [in-spuh-rey-shuhn]

In upcoming days, scores of faeries will descend upon Eugene, Oregon for what has to be one of the most amazing celebrations of myth and magic in all the world.  Yes, it is time for Faerieworlds once again.  Everyone will dust off their favorite set of wings and converge for three days of music, faerie lore, and costume gaping. 

In past years, I have watched unicorns prancing through the grounds, dryads and fauns dancing together, and have spotted too many Fae to count.  This is a festival where entering in ordinary street clothes makes you the spectacle, for nearly everyone is costumed.  Secret confession: I am not convinced they are all costumes.  I mean, if there are Fae among us, wouldn’t this provide the perfect opportunity to visit the human realm? 

Second secret confession: The wings of the Dark Fae were inspired, in part, by this festival.  While I have never spotted Raine’s purple velvet wings nor the leather and metal wings of Shade and Chaos, seeing the hundred of other wing variations provided inspiration for my world.  If you are a fellow lover of the Fae, place this magical festival on your “at least once in my life” list.  The magic will linger all year long!



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