In Search of Beta Readers

I am looking for a few beta readers who are interested in providing feedback on my work-in-progress.  This will not be the sequel to Wings of Shadow, but a different novella that I am finishing up.  (Don’t worry!  I am still hard at work on the sequel.)

What is a beta-reader?

Beta readers take the time to preview a novel before it is sent to the editor.  They help to identify questions that a reader might have, highlight parts of the novel that are not as strong as they could be, find plot gaps and much, much more.  Since the book will be edited, fixing grammar mistakes and typos will not be necessary. 

What to expect if beta reading?

Remember that you will be receiving a pre-edited copy of the book.  There will be errors and poor grammar and things that need polishing.  I try to polish and smooth as much as I can before sending it out, but it will not be perfect. 


Book genre: YA Dystopian

Book style: first person/ present tense

Book Length: approximately 40,000 words (novella size)

Time Line: I am hoping that copies will be ready to send out by Sept. 1.  Ideally, I would get feedback within a two-week period.  Copies will be Word documents, so not formatted for e-readers. 

I will send all beta readers a free Kindle copy of my new novella.  They will also receive a small gift certificate for taking the time to read and share feedback.  I am only looking for a few readers, so I might not be able to accomodate everybody who shows interest. 

If interested, please email me.  If you have beta read or critiqued books before, please include that information.



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