What’s next?

Through emails and reviews, I know that people are wondering about sequels and other news. I wanted to share my plans for the upcoming year. First, I have been working hard on the long-awaited sequel to Wings of Shadow. This sequel has been challenging in that I want to keep the aura of magic and surprise that was in the first book. So many sequels disappoint readers, but I am hoping that the second book in The Underground Trilogy will be just as intriguing as the first. If all goes well, it will be published by early summer.  As the spring progresses, I will be posting clues and teasers to ease the wait.

Some readers have guessed there will be a sequel to Cerulean. I am happy to confirm those rumors. At this point, the ideas for continuing Chey’s story are waiting patiently in line, but I hope to have Azure released by the end of the year.

My most exciting surprise is that an audio book of Wings of Shadow is currently being produced. I listened to the first section and could only think of how lucky I was to partner with such a talented narrator. She brings out the whimsy in Wish, the wisdom of Selena, the sexiness of Kiernan, and the evil of Lord Killian. The audio book should be released in early April and will be available on I-tunes, Audible, and Amazon.

Remember to sign up for my newsletter, Anna’s Updates, to receive an email when new releases occur. While you’re waiting, consider leaving a review of Wings of Shadow or Cerulean on Amazon or any other sites you may have purchased your copies from. Reviews open doors to more promotional opportunities, so that I may share my stories with even more readers. As always, feel free to email me with any other questions.



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