Wings of Shadow is now available as an audiobook!


I haven’t felt this excited since I first pushed the ‘Publish’ button ten months ago. Tonight, I received a notice that Wings of Shadow was for sale on As an author, the experience of listening to your characters come to life is very surreal. So please excuse me if I rave a little too much throughout this post!

Meghan Lewis was the selected narrator and her talent shines with this project. She gave each character a distinctive voice and the scenes are so much *more* in audio format:
*Wish is even more whimsical (he even bursts into song at one point!)
*Avery is even more sweet, while Kiernan is even more bold and flirty. I cannot decide which of their scenes I enjoy listening to more!

You can listen to a 5-minute sample on Audible’s website. They also have a special promotion where you can purchase the audiobook at a fraction of the cost by joining Audible’s member program. In the near future, the audiobook will be available at Amazon and I-tunes as well.


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