Audible Freebie + more Spring Break Bash Authors



It’s the last few days to stock up your ereader with discounted Spring Break Bash books. Today’s featured authors include: 

Elizabeth Baxter:

Elizabeth writes epic fantasies. I love the tagline on her book, Everwinter:

Can science and magic ever exist in harmony? 

If you enjoyed the merging of science and magic in my urban fantasy, Wings of Shadow, it might be worth trying out Elizabeth’s novel. Best of all, the prequel novella is free in this promotion!

Jeroen Steenbeeke:

Jeroen also writes epic fantasies. Here’s a tagline from his novel, Gift of the Destroyer: 

One man will devastate the world, and one warrior from the future must stop him.


Readers probably do not know that when I am not writing, I am a voracious deal-hunter. This is one reason why I have regular sales on my titles. I love the idea of new readers being able to sample my writing for a bargain price. Since Wings of Shadow released in audio this month, I was especially excited to come across this Audible deal. 

Basically, if you are a brand-new Audible customer, you can sign up for a one month membership for free. You will receive one free audiobook. This is a great way to obtain a copy of Wings of Shadow to listen to. If you enjoy Audible’s services, then they will begin to bill their monthly membership rate after the first 30 days. If you do not want to be charged, you do need to cancel before the month is up! See how I put that in bold? You are free to keep the audiobook if you don’t continue with an Audible membership, but you need to cancel before the end of the month. While this isn’t a true freebie (with no strings attached), I did want to share for readers who might want to listen to Meghan Lewis’s amazing interpretation of my novel, but find the audio price too steep. 

Get the Audible deal here.






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