Sequel Alert!

I’m happy to announce the second book in The Underground Trilogy grows closer to its release date. I know it has been a long wait for some of you, and I appreciate your patience through this process. I’m hoping my sequel will add on to what you loved from Wings of Shadow.

When is the expected release date?

August 2013. I will try to provide a more specific release date as we grow closer to August.

If the sequel’s already written, why the wait?

I have a very thorough editing process. After I do 3-4 revision sweeps of my own, I send my manuscript off to critique partners. More revisions. My next step is to send it off for content editing. That’s where the editor looks at the characters, plot, pacing, etc. More revisions. The step after that is line-editing, where another editor looks at grammar, sentence structure, etc. (This is the step I’m currently on.) More revisions. Another round of line editing. Even more revisions. Proofreading. Then finally, the manuscript goes off to be formatted. 

My hope is this long process creates a quality novel for the readers. I appreciate a book free from typos, bad grammar, and other mistakes, so I work hard to create one for you.

Will Wish be in the sequel?

This is the most popular question I’m asked. Wish is definitely in the sequel. Readers will learn more about Wish’s background and some of his mysteries will be revealed. 

What else can you share about the sequel?

It takes place in a new setting, very different from England, and is told from Kiernan’s perspective. There’s more of all the good stuff from Wings of Shadow: more magic, more adventure, more romance. 

My cover release will be coming in July. Until then, consider listening to the audio version of Wings of Shadow. It’s only $1.99 if you have the Kindle ebook, and Meghan Lewis brings the story to life. If you have listened to the audiobook, consider leaving a review on Audible. This helps other readers find the story. 

I’m looking for people interested in reviewing advance reader copies of the ebook. If you’d like to be considered, email me at: annakyss(at)gmail(dot)com





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