Magik and Mayhem Blog Hop and Giveaway


It’s time for another giveaway! The Magik and Mayhem giveaway allows readers to cross over to the magical realm of faeries, elves, and other supernatural beings. A dozen authors have banded together to share their stories of the Fair Folk.

1. Enter to win

Sign up for the main rafflecopter to win a collection of thirteen books and an Amazon gift certificate.

2. Visit each author’s blog

Read different author’s thoughts about the Fair Folk as you travel from blog-to-blog. Bonus: many authors have listed additional giveaways on their websites.

3. MY Giveaway: Win the audiobook version of Wings of Shadow

Listen to the audio sample of Wings of Shadow, then leave a comment on this page. One comment will be randomly drawn on July 20 to win a free audiobook.

Whispersync enabled!

Whispersync enabled!








For my Magik and Mayhem feature, I thought it would be fun to do my top 5 Faerie-lovers List:

1. Most Humorous Faerie Read: Lady Cottington’s Pressed Fairy Letters

Lady Cottington has the nasty habit of catching innocent faeries that wander into her garden and pressing them between the pages of her journal. This funny read features her pressed faerie artwork, along with letters of reprimand from some well-known people. Plus, it features the artwork of Brian Froud.

2. Best Faerie Shopping:

This website features amazing artwork by a number of different faerie artists. Not only is the talent of these artists phenomenal, you can find nearly every thing imaginable featuring the art. Cell phone cases? Check. Earrings? Check. Shoulder bags? Check. My only grievance? Every time I click on the link, I seem to magically lose two hours!

3. Favorite Faerie Festival: Faerieworlds

I’m lucky enough to live in Eugene, where Faerieworlds takes place (in late July). This festival has it all: music infused with the spirit of Fae; faerie-inspired artwork and literature; and dress-up. Dress-up! Yes, even the adults get to don our inner wings. Sadly, I have not finished my author faerie costume, so I’ll probably need to choose one of my other sets of wings.

4. Best Place to Indulge Your Inner Faerie: Freckles Fairy Chest

Speaking of wings, Freckles Fairy Chest is a great place to get costumed up. Freckles makes the best dress-up clothes. Even better, they come in adult sizes. I can’t decide between the elven arm cuffs or the unicorn’s horn headpiece. Hmm.

5. Favorite Faerie Music: Woodland

Lovers of the Fair Folk need to check out Woodland’s music. Their songs transport me to the realm of the Fae and dominate Wings of Shadow’s playlist.


7 thoughts on “Magik and Mayhem Blog Hop and Giveaway

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  2. Thank you so much for sharing your favorite five. This has given me some new things to enjoy today. My favorite faerie spot on the web is . I love her art. Faeries are one of my collections and I have enjoyed them for years.

    Thank you for the giveaway.


    abinormyl AT gmail DOT com

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