Cover Reveal coming soon!

My official cover reveal is scheduled for August 29. I was lucky enough to work with Renu Sharma again (the same artist who did Wings of Shadow’s cover). I’m convinced she infuses real magic into each cover she works on. They always come out that pretty!

Interesting cover fact: Renu hand-drew the font for each cover. Have you ever noticed the faerie wings within the letters? Look closer and see how many wings you can find!

Sequel update: Wings of Memory is in the final stages of editing and proofreading. I’m looking at a September release. I’m so sorry to have pushed the release date back further, but the extra polish and shine that it received during this time should make the wait worth it. 

Since I cannot reveal the cover until Thursday, I thought I would share the blurb for Wings of Memory:

Kiernan leaves his homeland, hoping to unlock the secrets that could save his people from extinction. But the path to answers is fraught with danger. He never imagines what lay hidden in the Costa Rican rainforest.

Shortly after arriving, Kiernan encounters the human girl that he spent months yearning for. Kiernan must decide between his love for Meghan and his budding loyalty to his brother, Avery. He tries to place his brother first, until faced with an impossible decision.

Kiernan needs to tap into magic to save his people. The only problem: unleashing his magic involves breaking his vow to his brother. What if the only way to help Avery is to choose Meghan?




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