Audiobooks, sequels, and more.

Since Wings of Memory has been released, I have had a few questions from readers. I wanted to take a few minutes to answer these questions.

Will there be an audiobook version of Wings of Memory? When will it be released?

I’m excited to announce that the very talented Meghan Lewis will be narrating Wings of Memory. She has already begun the recording process. I’m anticipating that it will be released on Audible and other markets in early-to-mid January. If you haven’t listened to her recording of Wings of Shadow, you can pick it up for only $1.99 right now if you own Wings of Shadow. She captured each character’s voice so well that I had goosebumps the first time I listened.

What about Cerulean? Will there ever be an audio version of Cerulean?

It took me forever to find the right narrator for Cerulean. You can imagine the challenges of finding someone fluent in Dolphin-speak, but Melissa Moran captured the poignant voices of both Chey and Haku. Look for Cerulean’s audiobook in late January to early February. If you’ve been so focused on the faeries that you missed my underwater dystopian novella, you can check it out here.

Will Wings of Memory be available in the I-Tunes bookstore?

Hopefully, you will see Wings of Memory very soon. I-Tunes is a little more complicated to upload new books to, particularly with a PC computer. I am working on making my sequel available, so watch for it over the next few weeks. 

When will the final book in The Underground Trilogy be released?

I am making (slow) progress on the final book in the trilogy, but I have another book that will be released first. I find my best writing comes when I don’t force the story out, but give my ideas some time to ferment in my imagination. So I often try to have another book project between each of The Underground novels. The new book will begin its editing process in early January. Hopefully, the final book in my trilogy will enter its editing process in early Spring. 

So what’s this new book all about?  [Full disclosure: I made up this question. I’m just excited to give more details.]

I will be moving away from my typical YA fantasy writing for this book. The novel will be a new adult romance and I think readers will fall in love with Abby and Sage. I cannot wait to share their story!

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