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In celebration of the Fairy Tale Fortnight, I am participating in a Fairy Tale hop. If you enjoy fairy tale retellings, you might find some good reads along the blog hop. This is a giveaway hop, meaning there are nearly a hundred prizes to win if you visit each blog and author. For my prize, I am giving away an audiobook of my fairy tale-inspired book, Cerulean. I also marked Cerulean down to $.99 at Amazon, Kobo, and Barnes & Noble for the duration of the Fairy Tale Fortnight, so blog hoppers can enjoy it at a discounted price.

Out of all of the fairy tale heroines, The Little Mermaid sticks out to me as one of the most compelling. Her natural curiosity and thirst for knowledge inspired me while developing Cerulean’s heroine, Chey. Ariel was never content to go along with the flow of her underwater world; instead she repeatedly defied her father. This resistance serves as a perfect personality trait for my heroine, who fights to survive in her dystopian world. Fairy tale heroines often face some kind of evil opposition; Chey’s opposition isn’t a Disney villain, but a repressive society.

I read something about how to develop a good fairy tale retelling. The recommendation? Take the compelling parts of the tale and turn them into your own story. With Cerulean, readers get the beauty of an underwater world, a bright, inquisitive heroine, and the story of a girl who dreams of life above the sea. They won’t find a self-sacrificing girl willing to give up everything, her voice, her family, even herself, for a boy. Instead, Chey preserves herself through her actions.

Cerulean’s audiobook has received positive reviews since its release. Listen to a sample on Audible. To be eligible to win a copy, leave a comment about what heroine you would most like to see in a fairy tale retelling. One comment will be randomly selected when the giveaway hop ends.

Bonus giveaway: I will be giving away more than $100 in prizes to my newsletter subscribers on May 4. Sign up here for a chance to win.



21 thoughts on “Fairy Tale Giveaway Hop

  1. i actully was just saying i would love to somehow see the little mermaid done. so you did it already!! other then that my favorite is wizard of oz, i no it has been done i am looking forward to dorthy must die alot but i think it could still be done again i think even with alot of adventure and love mixed it would be great thanks for the giveaway too

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