Book Signing and Signed Paperbacks!

Fan Invasion



UtopYA 2014 is only days away! You might be able to tell how excited I am from my exclamation mark overuse!! Friday night I will be participating in the Fan Invasion book signing. Anyone who plans on being in the Nashville area Friday night can come to the book signing event, even if you don’t attend the UtopYA conference. Bring a used children’s book with you for free admission.

I also wanted to give an opportunity for non-Nashville readers to buy signed paperbacks. I finally have all four of my titles set up in paperback form. I will offer special UtopYA prices. These prices are close to my cost to produce the paperback and ship them, so I might not be offering such low prices again.

Pricing (includes shipping within the US)

1 signed paperback= $10

2 signed paperbacks= $16

3 signed paperbacks= $22

4 signed paperbacks= $28

If you are interested, please email me (annakyss[at] with the titles you would like and I can send you a paypal invoice. It is fine to buy multiples of the same title if you want to to give them as presents.

I also need to know who you would like each book addressed to for when I sign them. Books will be sent by the end of June (as I’m in Nashville now, for UtopYA!!!)


Wander and Roam-ebooksm



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