Rebel & Soul is LIVE!

Rebel and Soul_ebooksm

After a two-hour car ride and an hour-long hike, we’re still making our way to Soul’s secret destination. We left his beat-up Volvo on the shoulder of the dirt-logging road on which we spent thirty minutes bumping along. Maybe I’m a complete moron for going miles off the beaten track on a second date. That’s exactly the kind of thing they warn women not to do. But I’m not worried. Abby vouched for him, but even if she hadn’t, I would have felt safe with him.

Safe, but completely annoyed. We’re not hiking on any of the hundreds of well-maintained trails in the Boulder area. Instead, we’re making our way through thigh-high weeds, on a path so narrow, it must be a deer trail.

The grasses tickle my legs, and after a while, I can’t ignore the irritation any longer and brush away the growth from the hem of my sundress. I wish my stubbornness hadn’t kicked in. Soul was right—I would have been way more comfortable in jeans.

“I bet you wish you had your jeans on about now.” He turns to grin at me.

“Well, if you weren’t so secretive, I could have dressed properly,” I mutter.

“I have the feeling, if I told you what we’re doing for our date, you never would’ve come.” Soul holds aside a low-hanging branch for me.

“You’re trying to make me nervous. Why?” I stop and take a moment to look around. We’ve hiked deep into the forest, where the trees completely dwarf us. Sunlight streams through the canopy and paints the floor in a patchwork of sunshine and shadow.

“Sometimes you need to take a person out of their comfort zone to really get to know them.” He heads over to the widest, tallest tree in this part of the forest.

“Can you be any more judgey?” I follow him to the tree. “I don’t mind hiking. It’s actually beautiful up here.”

Soul lifts my chin until we’re eye to eye. “I didn’t plan to go hiking for our date. That was our only means to get here.”

His pale eyes pierce mine. For a moment, I’m lost in his gaze, until his words finally sink in. What does he have planned this deep in the forest?

Rebel & Soul is the second book in the Wander series. If you are hoping for more Abby and Sage, don’t worry! They’re in the backdrop of this story and will return for the third and final book of the Wander series.

Purchase Rebel & Soul on for the special release weekend price of $0.99. The price will return to $3.99 on Monday.

If you haven’t read the first book in the Wander series, Wander & Roam, pick it up here for a very special release weekend price.


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