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It’s been a few months since I’ve participated in a blog hop, but this dystopian-themed hop caught my eye. Even better, it’s a giveaway hop, with a different prize at every stop. My mind has been on my dystopian novella, Cerulean, lately because I’m almost ready to begin working on its sequel, Azure. Additionally, Cerulean is in the process of being translated into several foreign languages. The Italian translation, Celeste, is available at most ebook retailers. Dutch and Spanish versions of Cerulean will be coming soon!

I listened to this via Audible and thought the mix between The Little Mermaid and Brave New World was just out of this world. This is one of the most original fairytale/dystopian/YA books I have ever read (I don’t even think I’ve come across this unique combination ever before!).

Reviews about the uniqueness of Cerulean have been some of my favorite. After reading dozens of different dystopias, some began to seem formulaic to me. When I wrote this book, I wanted to capture the elements that make dystopian fiction work so well, but through a fresh new lens: underwater.

One hundred years ago, my people retreated under the sea.

A century later, they surrendered, one by one, to the water.

Dystopian lit always seems to tackle the big questions. If people had to retreat to the ocean to survive, how would they adapt to living underwater? What would they miss the most? How would an underwater life effect people?

Chey has lost everyone she cares about. Her mother. Her father. Her best friend. Her ancestors moved into their ocean refuge to protect themselves; instead, the waters have slowly taken her people, one-by-one.

When Chey feels the blues encroaching, she will do anything to save herself. Her attempts to survive lead to a forbidden encounter with a kind outsider, Jesse. The only problem? His existence shouldn’t be possible.


Cerulean is available exclusively on Amazon and Audible right now. If you have Kindle Unlimited, you can borrow it for free.

For this giveaway hop, I will be offering Cerulean in the version of your choice: ebook, paperback, or audiobook (through Audible). To enter, share something about Cerulean on Twitter or Facebook with the hashtag #underwaterdystopian, then comment on this post so I know how to contact you.


18 thoughts on “Dystopian Giveaway Hop

  1. I came across the giveaway hop and found this cute blog. I clicked on your link and found this wonderful book! The synopsis just caught my eye and is urging me to read it. I never actually read a dystopian book that links with a fairytale before. Can’t wait to read this book soon! I shared the book on my twitter twice to express my excitement for this book. I also think I will share it on my blog as well! https://twitter.com/jamcristo23/status/529977627306496000
    & https://twitter.com/jamcristo23/status/529978221639372800 You can contact me at jamie.cristobal@gmail.com. Thank you for hosting a great giveaway!

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