Faerieworlds Weekend


When my book signing checklist reads: wings, my three best faerie outfits, and pointy ears, I can tell it’s not going to be a typical book event. Instead, I am embarking on a three-day adventure into the realm of the Fae. Yep, it is Faerieworlds weekend. For those who are wondering what Faerieworlds is, I can only describe it as a convergence of musicians, artists, and  a bunch of folks who still believe in magic.

Faerieworlds is such a special festival for me. It is so filled with inspiration that many of the details of my faerie world were imagined while attending. This is my first time where I can share my books with the Faerieworlds community. If you are attending, please stop and find me. My booth is near the Neverworlds stage (near the mermaids.)

I want to spread the magic for those who cannot make it to Faerieworlds. For the next few days, you can pick up The Underground Trilogy box set for only $2.99 at Amazon or Barnes and Noble.



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