Audiobook Release: Wings of Light

new audiobook

The final audiobook for The Underground Trilogy is finally ready. Out of all my different author duties, the audiobook “work” is my absolute favorite job. In fact, I look forward to receiving the audio files to review as much as new releases from my favorite authors. Listening to my words brings them to life.

I have been incredibly lucky to partner with Meghan Lewis for all three books in The Underground Trilogy. When I began the process of turning Wings of Shadow into an audiobook, I wasn’t sure how to find a narrator who could transition between my British faeries and Meghan, my American heroine. Fate intervened and I stumbled upon the incredibly talented Meghan Lewis. She even shares the same first name as my main character! See what I mean by fate?

Meghan’s narration of The Underground Trilogy brings out the intrigue of Kiernan, the coldness of Lord Killian, and Wish’s whimsicality. Even if you have already read the trilogy, I would encourage you to close your eyes, listen to Meghan’s voice, and allow yourself to be transported to the streets of England.

Audiobooks can be pricy, but there are a few ways to get good deals. If you download the free ebook of Wings of Shadow on Amazon, you can add on the audiobook for only $1.99. Additionally, Living Social has a deal going on (for new customers or customers with non-active accounts) in which you can get three audiobooks over three months for only $9. That means you could get the entire trilogy for only $9.

Happy Listening!



2 thoughts on “Audiobook Release: Wings of Light

    • Judy, the final book in the Wander series is my current work-in-progress. It has taken a little longer than anticipated, but I didn’t want to rush Sage or Souls’ stories. Look for the book in late 2016.

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