The Underground Trilogy Audiobook Set

FacebookaudiobookadAre you ready to enter The Underground?

I have fantastic news. All three books in The Underground Trilogy were just released as a single audiobook box set. Why is this so great? It means that audiobook fans are going to be able to purchase the entire trilogy for only one Audible credit.

I adore listening to audiobooks. Don’t get me wrong. Like nearly all authors, I love to read. I have hundreds of ebooks and nearly as many paperbacks. But audiobooks allow me to “read” in situations where my nose just shouldn’t be stuck in a book. Like when I’m cooking or driving or umpteen other scenarios that are not book conducive. Better yet, they let me escape the most mundane situations and enter new worlds. Last weekend, I had to drive from Oregon to Los Angeles. 15 plus hours and nearly 900 miles. Even for road-trip loving me, this was a grueling ride. Made SO much better with a really good, really long audiobook.

The downfall of audiobooks is often their cost. When I first started the audiobook process, I was surprised to learn that hours and hours of work are poured into creating one finished, edited final hour of audio. For my ebooks, I can set the price, making sure to keep everything reader-friendly. However, with my audiobooks, the price is set automatically and there is nothing I can do to change it.

I want all of my readers to have the opportunity to listen to Meghan Lewis’s amazing narration of The Underground Trilogy. Reviewers raved about Meghan’s performance:

Meghan Lewis’s narration is outstanding. She has great individual voices for each of the characters. Her pace and temperament simply bring Anna Kyss’s characters to life. I can’t imagine the characters sounding any differently.

Meghan Lewis’s performance was excellent bringing each character to live and with personality and holding those personalities throughout the book.

Meghan Lewis did an outstanding job narrating, as she did with the other two books in the trilogy. She really brings all of the characters to life giving each one their own distinct voice, both male and female. She also has a rhythm to her reading that is melodious, giving it a fairytale quality. In summary, Anna Kyss and Meghan Lewis together are the perfect pairing for hours of thoroughly enjoyable entertainment.

Now you can listen to all three books for only one Audible credit. Not a member? Go to Audible and sign up for a free trial. You can use the free credit to download The Underground Trilogy. (Note: Audible does begin charging a monthly membership free after the first month, but you are free to cancel at any time.)

Happy Listening!


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