Book Updates and 2016 Appearances

I hate to run. If I had a choice, I would rather weed the garden, wash dirty dishes and (ugh) clean the kitty litter instead of running. Does anyone else have traumatic memories of having to run that tortuous mile as a part of high school P.E.? Interestingly, I love walking. Spending entire days strolling through new cities? Those are some of my favorite days. Hiking for hours in beautiful places? I have treasured memories of these hikes. I love to move slowly through the world, taking the time to smell the flowers and absorb the details.

Unfortunately, when I put my fingers to the keyboard, they also prefer to walk rather than run. I say “unfortunately” because I have aspirations of being one of those prolific writers who releases new books every few months. Instead, my words emerge slowly and carefully. If you are eagerly awaiting a sequel, I apologize for the wait, but I hope that my process will lead to better novels in the end. My current projects include the sequel to Cerulean and the final novel in the Wander series. I will keep you updated about release dates.

In the meantime, I will be signing at three different events:

Utopia Con (June 23-24) in Nashville, TN

Penned Con (Sept. 23-24) in St. Louis, MO

Faerieworlds (Sept 2-4) in Portland, OR

If you would like to pre-order paperbacks for Utopia or Penned, you can check out my pre-order form. I have a special pre-order offer. Buy The Underground Trilogy and pick out another of my books for free! If you are unable to attend any of the events, but would still like signed paperbacks, I am happy to mail them out for $5 per order (US only, please).

While you are waiting for sequels, you can read the first book in the Wander series for free!

Wander and Roam-ebooksm

In the last year, Abby Bentley has failed out of college and lost her high school sweetheart. Unwilling to return home, Abby signs up to volunteer on an Australian farm, where she can hide away from her family and isolate to her heart’s desire. Best of all, no one will care about her past. Abby soon discovers she’ll be sharing most of her daylight hours–as well as a very small yurt–with the farm’s other volunteer: sexy, flirtatious Sage.

The more hours they spend together, the more conflicted Abby becomes. Torn between a growing attraction to Sage and faltering loyalty to her old boyfriend, Abby escapes to her refuge of writing letters she will never send. When Abby finally reveals her past, Sage’s secret about his future threatens their bond. With Abby running from her past and Sage trying to escape his future, can they build a relationship in the here and now?