New Release Day

Wings of Light

Wings of Light is finally ready. Finally. After nine long months of work, I am so excited to share the final book in The Underground Trilogy with you. Thank you so much for your patience with the delayed release date. I hope the extra months of polishing make the finale even more special.

As Meghan settles into life in the Seattle Underground, disabling attacks begin to plague her. Meghan had imagined she would spend her time underground reconnecting with Avery. Instead, she fights to remain conscious. After her illness threatens to reveal the Fae’s secrets, Avery and Meghan return to England to seek out a cure.

Unknowingly suffering from the same affliction, Kiernan struggles to balance his desire for Meghan with his responsibility as leader of the Fae. When he learns of Meghan’s illness, Kiernan realizes their blood connection may hold dire consequences for his people. Kiernan may need to sacrifice himself to save everyone he loves.

Purchase it on: Amazon, Google Play, and Kobo.  It will appear on Barnes & Noble and iTunes over the next few days.

If you have been waiting for the series to be finished before you began reading, you can find the first book in the series, Wings of Shadow, most places where ebooks are sold.