The Wander Series

Wander & Roam

This was by far HONESTLY the most beautiful, heart-wrenching and sweetest books I have ever read! I couldn’t put it down and even though I have finished reading it, I know it is one of those books that will stay with me forever!

This is a beautiful heartfelt story. Sage and Abby will have you on an emotional roller coaster.

This story crawled inside me, split my heart open, and laid it bare for the entire world to see.

In the last year, Abby Bentley has failed out of college and lost her high school sweetheart. Unwilling to return home, Abby signs up to volunteer on an Australian farm, where she can hide away from her family and isolate to her heart’s desire. Best of all, no one will care about her past. Abby soon discovers she’ll be sharing most of her daylight hours–as well as a very small yurt–with the farm’s other volunteer: sexy, flirtatious Sage.

The more hours they spend together, the more conflicted Abby becomes. Torn between a growing attraction to Sage and faltering loyalty to her old boyfriend, Abby escapes to her refuge of writing letters she will never send. When Abby finally reveals her past, Sage’s secret about his future threatens their bond. With Abby running from her past and Sage trying to escape his future, can they build a relationship in the here and now?

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Rebel & Soul

Rebel & Soul, is a beautifully passionate story of self discovery and finding true selfless love. Anna Kyss has a true talent for drawing the reader deep into her stories with beautifully strong and flawed characters that you will want to root for.

Rebel and Soul_ebooksm

Meet Sage’s best friend and Abby’s cousin as they find love in the most unexpected places.

Madison Bentley has always followed the rules. Always. But after years of meeting everyone else’s expectations, she lost track of her own dreams. When she catches her boyfriend with another woman on the day he planned to propose, Maddie decides she’s done making other people happy and books the first train back to college.

Her tattooed and pierced seatmate, Soul, is Maddie’s complete opposite. As an environmental activist, he spends his time protesting unjust laws. When an odd coincidence throws them together, Maddie finds that the more she gets to know Soul, the more she discovers herself. Will her rebellion lead to romance or ruin them both?

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2 thoughts on “Romance

    • Stacey, I am working on the final book now. At this point, I am hoping for a late 2016 release, with the exact date to be announced. Soul definitely plays a role in the final book.

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